Android Entwicklung

in: Hamburg

Dauer: Monate

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Start: Mid of June (or earlier)
Duration: 4 month
Hours per week: 32 (4 Tage/Woche)
Nach Onboarding besteht die Möglichkeit zu 3 Tage Remote / 1 Tag onSite
Teamgröße 5 (+-2 Teammitglieder)

Project: Android Development - Remove accumulated tech debt & integrate platform-wide initiatives in Android Groups section.

* Bugs
* Tetris Integration
* Transfer automated Tests from iOS to Android
* Refactorings and Android N
* Integration of Apollo
* Integration of Notice &Take Down measures


* You have been working on different native Android applications for several years and command a profound knowledge of the Android SDK and with Android SDK tools
* You’ve gained API experience with HTTP, REST and JSON
* You have developed a good understanding of algorithms and data structures
* Working with general software development patterns, clean code and architecture comes naturally to you
* You are famliar with RxJava, Dagger2, Git, Gradle, Jenkins
* Testing is important to you. You are familiar with testing frameworks (for example JUnit, Calabash, Espresso, Spoon)
* You communicate fluently in english

JobNr: 3955

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