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in: Raum Frankfurt

Dauer: Monate

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Lokation: Raum Frankfurt
Start: Mai/Juni
Ende: Ende 2018 (Verlängerung bis Ende 2019)
Auslastung: 3-4 Tage / Woche, Remote Anteil möglich

* Very good communication and coordination skills
* Feel for European languages and semantics

- Interface to SEO team at Service Provider in London

- SEO roadmap

Work with the SEO specialists to produce an overview of all planned projects across the year, including new product launches, events, campaigns, projects etc. This will enable to gauge workload, manage expectations, communicate requirements and balance/plan resources.

- SEO Programme Management - always on activity

* Support to manage agency partners in London and Frankfurt to centrally manage all markets to achieve the best possible SEO performance:
* attend monthly all-market performance reviews
* Support process of addressing under-performing markets
* Ensure KPIs are up to date and in line with business objectives
* Be aware of any technical SEO support and manage workloads accordingly.

- SEO Content Strategy

* Based on strategy, search volume and relevance, define and make the case for new content opportunities for the client to be visible for. Think outside the brand box and embrace new opportunities, such as re-vamping category pages and working on a technical/features glossary.
* Write SEO briefings for these new content opportunities
* Collaborate with Brand Comms team to provide SEO inputs to productline-related content development projects
* Collaborate with the Digital Ops team to provide SEO and user journey insights for developing a features/technical glossary

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